The Ultimate Multi-Layered Safety App

• Fully customizable levels of protection for any scenario
• Able to automatically send your geo location to police
• Non-intrusive. You are in control of who has access!

LOIS Keeps You Safe

The LOIS Safety System is a personal safety app designed to provide backup protection for users whose daily routine requires them to meet with strangers for work, dating or in other situations, or who simply want the protection of a 'body guard' system that tracks their whereabouts throughout their day.

Customizable for ANY Situation. You Are in FULL CONTROL.

LOIS offers a unique check-in system which allows users to log and provide details about their meetings or whereabouts. The system automatically calls 911 and/or other contacts when users fail to respond to a pre- defined check-in. The user is in control of their check -ins as well as who knows where they are at ALL times!


Useable across many devices

Who is LOIS for?

Use the LOIS Safety System to watch your back during your daily activities!

  • Meeting a date
  • Going for a run
  • Getting into a taxi or Uber
  • Going to and from work
  • Domestic abuse situations
  • Walking alone, and more!
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Realtors® face real danger when out in the field. LOIS can help!

  • Track meetings with new clients
  • Set alerts while meeting in vacant property
  • Log in addresses and client details for showings
  • Alert e911 discreetly if user is in danger
  • Let your broker know where you are, and more!
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Families can use the LOIS Safety System to make sure everyone is accounted for and ok!

  • Know where your children are at all times
  • Get alerts when your child arrives home from school
  • Set check in’s for all family members
  • Know when your child arrives at activities safely, and more!
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We all want our elderly loved ones to be safe. The LOIS Safety System can help!

  • Make sure your loved one is ok by setting regular check in’s
  • Monitor when individuals such as home health care workers come into the home
  • Track the location of your elderly family member
  • Make sure they arrive at doctors appointments, and more!
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Business owners know that it is imperative to protect the safety and well-being of their workforce. The LOIS Safety System is helpful in many ways!

  • Keep employees safe by offering LOIS as a work benefit
  • Mitigate liability
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Use as recruitment tool, and more!
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