LOIS: Enterprise

Protect your workforce with LOIS! Lower insurance premiums and keep workers safe in the field. Enterprise pricing available through our enterprise sales team.

LOIS is a personal safety app designed to provide backup protection for users whose daily routine requires them to meet with strangers for work, dating or in other situations, or who simply want the protection of a ‘bodyguard’ system that tracks their whereabouts throughout their day. This system also works with those who have been subjected to domestic violence and has the ability to contact e911 discreetly and without detection.

The LOIS safety system was developed by a real estate broker who was in a potentially life-threatening situation while showing a property to an unknown client. After realizing that there was no product on the market to protect her, she set out to create LOIS. Once she began working on the software, it soon became apparent that the real estate industry was just one of many in need of a solution in order to address common security concerns.

LOIS offers a unique check-in system which allows users to log and provide details about their meetings or whereabouts. The system automatically calls 911 and/or other contacts when users fail to respond to a pre-defined check-in. There is also an emergency alarm button if the event a check-in has not been created, but the user feels they are in danger. This will send an alert to authorities and will send help to the user’s geo-location immediately.

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